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WPC Profiles And Products

WPC Outdoor decking

Guarantee high mechanical performance even after several years of weathering.

Designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, the CK composite is the ideal solution for outdoor decks, both in residential and commercial areas, including balconies, gardens, pools, terraces, marinas, etc.. In addition to its great strength and durability, this is a product of high aesthetic value that goes well with different architectural styles.

Product features
high standards of quality and environmental standards,easy to install,excellent floating fixture system.

Decking application——Waterside platform2

Decking application——Waterside platform

Decking application——Swimming pool

Decking application——Living room/Balcony

WPC DIY Tiles——Indoor/Outdoor/Balcony/Yard1

WPC DIY Tiles——Indoor/Outdoor/Balcony/Yard2

WPC DIY Tiles——Indoor/Outdoor/Balcony/Yard/Swimming pool3

WPC DIY Tiles——Indoor/Outdoor/Balcony/Yard4

WPC Wall cladding1

WPC Wall cladding2

WPC Wall cladding3

WPC Wall cladding4

WPC Integrated Wallboard1

WPC Integrated Wallboard2

WPC Integrated Wallboard3

WPC Integrated Wallboard4

WPC keel application1

WPC keel application2

WPC keel application3

WPC Railing application1

WPC Railing application2

WPC Railing application3

WPC Railing application4

WPC Flower Planter1

WPC Flower Planter2

WPC Flower Planter3

WPC DIY Garden Raised Bed1

WPC Park Bench1

WPC Park Bench2

WPC Park Bench3

WPC Dustbin1

WPC Dustbin2

WPC Dustbin3

WPC Pergola1

WPC Pergola2

WPC Pergola3

WPC Pergola4

WPC Gazebo1

WPC Gazebo2

WPC House

WPC Pet House

WPC Pet House

WPC House




1. Do CK WPC decking and others fade?
Release time:
2018-06-13 09:42
Most materials exposed to UV and weathering will fade.
2. Physical Property of CK WPC products
Release time:
2018-06-13 09:42
suitable for minus 40 degrees Celcius to 60 degrees
3. Environmental Performance of CK WPC Products
Release time:
2018-06-13 09:43
No toxic substances,no dangerous chemical composition and preservatives

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The major products are polyurethane plastic float series, polyurethane anti-fatigue mat series, car interiors series, wood plastic composite series.

The products are widely used in construction, furniture, auto accessories, garden landscape and other areas.